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Fort Fetterman Sportsman's Association

We meet on the second Monday of every month at 7 P.M. Location is the Moose Lodge in Douglas, Wyoming. Please enter through the back door off the alley.
                                        FFSA is a gun club in Converse County, Wyoming.
                                  We support the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
                                                        FFSA supports 4H Shooting Sports
Ranges are located about 2 and 3/4 miles south of Douglas, Wyoming on Irvine Rd. aka Converse County Road #1

                          5 million members strong.
      But there are somewhere around 17 million gun owners.
            I know, they call and write you for donations.
            But now it's electronic; and email you can opt out of.
        The battle for your 2nd amendment rights needs
                  your support now more than ever!
               Please consider joining the NRA today!



03/11/18 The Converse County Friends of the NRA committee is planning a banquet and could use your help. This county has a 20 plus year history of hosting FONRA banquets that bring back quite a bit of funding for groups such as Converse County Shooting Sports and FFSA. Without some new blood, this may end. If you are interested in helping please contact Jim Young at City Shoe and Saddle or come to the gun club meeting on Monday night, 3/12. 7 PM, back door of the Moose.

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NEW RANGE KEYS !!!LOCKS WILL BE CHANGED, AND RANGE CLEANUP, !!!! TBA for 2018.  If you went through a Safety Meeting for your 2016/2017 key, you do not have to go through a Safety Meeting again this year.  If people trash the ranges and behave in anything other than a safe manner, Safety Meetings go back to being required every year. It's up to you members.
03/11/18 Next club meeting Monday night, 3/12/18; 7PM, back door of the Moose. 6:30 If you need to attend a Safety Meeting.

Project Appleseed

Building a Nation of Rifleman


  Instructor Boot Camp June 2,3, 2018.Rifleman Boot Camp June 3-8
                             Appleseed June 9,10
                                Check the website for details



Two scholarships are awarded to graduating Douglas seniors and one to a graduating Glenrock senior. Topic is the events in American history on April 19, 1775. They are due to us on April 1, 2018
Mail to...
                             P.O. Box 843
                          Douglas, Wyoming
                         Converse County Friends of NRA
Converse County has received quite a few grants due to the hard work of the committee and the generosity of those of you who attend. 
     Converse County 4H Shooting Sports and Ft. Fetterman Sportsman's Association have benefitted tremendously from FONRA grants.

            Please support your local Friends of the NRA committee by attending the annual banquet.       
     If you would like to help your local Friends committee, contact  POSITION AVAILABLE
               P.O. Box 843
             Douglas, Wyoming

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